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Dramatis Personae

Janus is Thom Foreman and Mike Barnes.  We'd been recording together as Janus for more than a year when we discovered we were not the only band of that name.  Oh well.  Few thoughts are so clever no one else has had them.  Okay, you can think of us as the old farts edition of Janus.  Both of us are in our 70s, so don't get too committed to the fan club.

Mike and I have been friends since we were in a (thoroughly unprofitable) band back when, and remained friends when I moved away.  We both earned our livings doing other things.  Now we have time to make music.  I moved back to LA eventually, but what prompted us to get together again was the advent of computer-based recording.  I began experimenting but soon got tired of recording myself.  Mike joined me, we started recording as Janus, and here we are several years later with three CDs (almost) and a modest fan base.

Barely There Studio is just my bedroom, which is actually the cockpit of my life flight.  What can be done these days within that limitation is remarkable, with tools that -- for home computers -- were little more than digital cassette recorders only a decade ago.  It has caused an explosion and democratization of recording.  Pro studios still have a key role, but the gap is narrowing.  

These are songs from the heart.  We hope you'll find a few that you enjoy.

Barely There Studio 220331.jpg
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